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What does your september look like? Field tech positions with the corridor project are available

By Joshua Tewksbury

The corridor project is currently involved in establishing one of its most ambitious projects ever. We are attempting to experimentally determine the impact of fragmentation and connectivity on the dispersal of many organisms, using 15N sprayed on plants as a neutral marker and over 4000 seed traps to capture seeds dispersing from out central patches. It turns out that building and deploying 4000 pole mounted seed traps is a lot of work, and we are looking for some short time help with the crew in South Carolina. If you, or someone you know, is interested in getting first hand experience with this kind of work, and would like to spend the month of september (or even a bit more) helping with this project, I would encourage you to contact John Herrmann right away, as we will be adding to our crew of 8 or 9 right away. For more information on these positions, check out the information on Ecolog. If you are coming from the west coast, and the cost of getting there seems like a barrier, do not dismay, I may be able to help with that (Contact John, and let him know about the issue, and cc me in your e-mail if you like). For more information on the corridor project, click here, or check out Nick Haddad’s page, Lars Brudvig’s page, or the Corridor Research Group’s digest, Conservation Bottom line – we are looking for one or two folks who want to learn about large-scale landscape ecology, who want to help with a wide range of projects, from deploying thousands of seed traps to conducting detailed demography studies of plants in our patches, and we are looking for folks ready to dive in to an intense group work environment.

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