This is the third installment of the Collected Wisdom on Job Talks series I have been posting. The first installment is an introduction, and it introduces some key over-arching themes, the second installment focuses on content and preparation. If you are just tuning in, its probably best to start at the first installment and work […]

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The forests of the island of Guam have been without birds for over 25 years, due to the invasion of the Brown Tree Snake. The consequence of this wholesale removal of birds from a tropical forest had received only a small amount of attention in the ecological literature. In a Paper out this week in […]

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This is the second installment in the Collected Wisdom on Job Talks series. The first 1) Provide a narrative: the art of clarity and mystery Start big – Good talks begin with a topic that everyone in the audience can understand and relate to. The goal of the first few slides should be to capture […]

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