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Curating a conversation on Ecology’s Relevance to Earth’s Future

By Joshua Tewksbury

The opening Plenary Session of ESA in Baltimore is focused on Ecology’s Relevance to Earth’s Future, and speakers include Jim Collins, Margaret Palmer, Tom Lovejoy, Doug Erwin, Rush Holt and David Tilman (with luck, the ESA website will have Tom and David added to the roster soon).  I have been asked to facilitate the live and online conversation and Q&A surrounding this session, and I will be using Twitter as the primary medium.  I will be monitoring the hashtag #ESAPL2 throughout the session  (Monday AM, 8-11:30, in the Hilton Key Ballroom), and I will be cooking up questions for this panel of experts, based on what I get from the audience through this hashtag.

If you have a question you want asked, send it through twitter with the #ESAPL2 hashtag, and follow that hashtag during the session.  If you see a question come by that you also want to hear the answer to, favorite the tweet, or join the conversation by retweeting the question with your own comment.  
I will do my best to pick some of the most popular, thought-provoking questions that come in, and put these to the panel. We are encouraging panel members to engage as well, and we hope that the best conversations and questions will spread beyond this session.  To that end, feel free to post your own responses to the questions coming in, during the session or after, and to broaden the conversation as you see fit using the #ESA100 hashtag – this should be a fairly broad conversation, after all.   
If you are not a twitter user, no problem, you can send me your questions to me by e-mail at, with the hashtag #ESAPL2 in the subject line, or text me at 206 890-7666 (no phone calls during the plenary please!).  If you keep the messages short, I will attempt to feed them into the twitter conversation.
This is a great group to kick off ESA’s centennial celebration.  I am looking forward to the conversations that emerge from their talks. If you have suggestions before the session, you can catch me on twitter (@tewksjj), or drop me a text or an e-mail.
Josh Tewksbury
Doug and Maggie Walker Professor of Natural History, University of Washington
Founding director of the Luc Hoffmann Institute, WWF, Switzerland. 

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