Almost a year ago, I took on a very different job.  My family and I moved to Switzerland, and I have been working to bring life to a new venture, The Luc Hoffmann Institute (website live October 10th).  I started with one page of text on the vision for the Institute, a new employer (WWF), and […]

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The first Hoffmann Fellow position for the Luc Hoffmann Institute is now open for applications.   You can download the official job add HERE.  For those wanting to know a bit more about the Luc Hoffmann Institute, take a look at my previous post, here, where I described my decision to take the position of […]

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For the past five years, I have been investing more and more of my research time into questions and systems that I think interface well with other disciplines and with my perception of what our society is looking for in terms of conservation solutions. This has been slow work. Lots of learning. It turns out […]

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