This is the second installment in the Collected Wisdom on Job Talks series. The first 1) Provide a narrative: the art of clarity and mystery Start big – Good talks begin with a topic that everyone in the audience can understand and relate to. The goal of the first few slides should be to capture […]

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The corridor project is currently involved in establishing one of its most ambitious projects ever. We are attempting to experimentally determine the impact of fragmentation and connectivity on the dispersal of many organisms, using 15N sprayed on plants as a neutral marker and over 4000 seed traps to capture seeds dispersing from out central patches. […]

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NHP_KA1 (1)

If you don’t know about the Natural History Section of ESA, come to Portland, sign up, and get involved. Lots going on with this new section, and with the first set of official officers, this section is finally poised to be the primary advocate for Natural History within The Ecological Society of America. And there […]

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For the past five years, I have been investing more and more of my research time into questions and systems that I think interface well with other disciplines and with my perception of what our society is looking for in terms of conservation solutions. This has been slow work. Lots of learning. It turns out […]

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Natural History of Puget Sound Country

From the new Puget Sound iNaturalist project with 500+ taxa observed, to natural history pages for UW campus done for and by students, I am having a blast exploring new tools in natural history education, and exploring new ways to understand our non-human neighbors.   We got a great photo write-up by Chimera Singer called  Northwest […]

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