Partnerships and collaborations 

Natural History Network

Natural History Initiative

Natural Histories Project

Corridor Research Group

Washington Wildlife Habitat Connectivity Working Group

Ecology of Bird Loss Project


The Natural Histories Project from Benjamin Drummond / Sara Steele on Vimeo.


The Corridor Project – Josh Tewksbury from Brad Herring on Vimeo.

Open-Ecology Resources

Here are a few tools that we have found make professional and academic life more open, faster, and easier. – crowd-sourced data visualization and public data archive – Publish your figure, claim it with a DOI, and share it – Make your presentation public. – find papers, track your own papers, keep track of the work of colleagues, and get updates based on your own work. – Data upload and archive for all sorts of environmental data – get the datasets in your papers uploaded for others to use – one stop searching for public-access data, and a whole lot more