Former Lab Members – always with us in spirit


  • Tomas Carlo – Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Penn State University
  • Lars Brudvig – Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Biology, Michigan State University

graduate students

  • David Haak – Current Position: Post Doc, Lionie Moyle’s Lab, Department of Biology, Indiana University
  • Paul Martin – Current Position: Baillie Family Chair in Conservation Biology, Department of Biology, Queens University
  • Haldre Rogers – Current Position: Huxley Faculty Fellow, Rice University
  • Kimberly Sheldon – Currently a post-doctoral associate with Nalini Nadkarni at the University of Utah
  • Andrew Kosydar
  • Shaline Jha (visting grad) – Current Position: Assistant Professor, UT Austin
  • Elizabeth Addis (visiting grad) – Current Position: Faculty Fellow, Department of Biology, Colby College

technicians and undergraduate lab members

  • Antoinette Asemota
  • Jason Borchert – now a PhD student with Michael Angilleta at Arizona State
  • Robert Dobbs – now a PhD Student with Paul Martin at Queens University
  • Christal Eshelman
  • Lindsey Renae Fenner
  • Elisa Heinz
  • Charisse Horimoto
  • Andrew Hunzinger
  • Mary Beth Huzinga – now a PhD Student, Colorado State University
  • Tara Kenny – currently in Ecuador working on water quality and human health issues
  • Anna Kramer – noe a MS ED. Student, University of Washington
  • Leslie McGinnis – PhD Student, Vandermeer Lab, University of Michigan
  • Haley Morris
  • Hilarie Morris
  • Katie Nickels
  • Lia Noges – currently in UW pharmacy school
  • Corinna Pinzari
  • Melissa Simon
  • Shannon Quinn
  • Deepti Singh
  • Tara Smiley
  • Meeral Solanki
  • Susan Taylor – currently working in the Kerr Lab
  • Nash Turley – now a PhD student with Marc Johnson at University of Toronto
  • Devin Muir Wilkinson