What We Did (all project site pages in need of an update)

Research in the Tewksbury lab came in a wide range of flavors and scales.   We worked and still work on projects that span scales from local to global, and our research stretched from natural history, ecology and evolutionary biology to the prediction and mitigation of global change impacts  (climate change, species invasion, fragmentation).  In many of these areas, we had, and still have, whole programs geared toward translating research into effective policy. The research in the lab was broadly integrative, building from our core strength in ecology and conservation science, and including work in evolutionary biology, plant and animal physiology, climate science and economics.  In all our work, we were, and continue to be advocates of transparency, collaboration, and the democratization of science, and Tewksbury is now working full time  to address ways in which science can more effectively serve society.

The lab is not currently active, with Tewksbury in the process of transitioning from his position as the founding director of the Luc Hoffmann Institute, within WWF.  The project pages are currently out of date and all members of the Tewksbury lab have moved on to other positions. Updates and details on all the great things the lab members are doing now will be coming as soon as we have time to post these.