What is the chance of a worldwide epidemic breaking out in the next 12 years?

Odds are high of a large scale epidemic breaking out in the following 12 years. There may be more than one epidemic that breaks out at different places in the world within next 12 years.

When the epidemics break out, they are likely to have more of an impact over humanity as compared to any of the other world affairs that we come across.

In spite of that, most of the people do not spend much time thinking about epidemics. We tend to grade situations as hypothetical while we are not encountered with them.

A lethal flu pandemic is very likely to affect us within 12 years that follow. When the pandemic does spread, it will affect all of the human beings. Pandemic flu is potent and can spread at a worldwide scale within a few hours.

If we compare the potential impact that pandemic flu can have over our beings, climate change is the only tragedy that comes close. Pandemic flu has wide scale parameters, which makes its comprehension difficult.

Most of the people relate flu to seasonal flu. Seasonal flu virus mutates to a certain degree each year. While kids and senior are more vulnerable, seasonal flu is not severe for most people. Their immune systems are very likely to have been exposed to a similar virus in the past, and would know how to fight it. This is known as native immunity, and everyone has it in varying degrees.

Pandemic flu is different and it easily spreads throughout the world. Seasonal flu is associated with a known virus, but pandemics take place when an all new virus shows up.

While such viruses may emerge from animal reserves, they may come to fore as a result of a dramatic sequence of mutation from a virus that was circulating earlier.

As our bodies cannot defend against pandemic flu virus by itself, using a vaccine is the only hope for seeing the virus through. Vaccines build inherent immunities in our bodies. If a vaccine is used 24 weeks before it is currently administered, it would have significant effects over welfare of immunity. Global focus must hence lie over timely creation and administration of vaccines.

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