Just for Fun: Is there any physical evidence that could point to Bigfoot is real?

There is a much popularized Patterson-Gimlin film that was shot in October, 1967. Gimlin says that they were riding right alongside a creek. They shot a Bigfoot standing on its hind legs through their camera.

The Bigfoot was strange and an ape like figure. It looked directly at the camera for a moment before it left. This occurred in the deeply wooded forests of Northern California. This is also among the most analyzed pieces of film in the history of American cinema.

There are a number of people who believe that this is a definitive proof of Bigfoot being real. It is as real as narwhals or mountain gorillas.

There are others who believe the footage to be a hoax. To them, it is similar to the videos that display lizard people, aliens and ghosts.

If we consider Gimlin’s viewpoint, he is very sure about what he saw that day. He saw the Bigfoot. It did not resemble a bear. The Bigfoot walked straight for a considerable distance.

He says he has spent his life in the woods. So he’d know about what he saw.

The Bigfoot essentially is a tale that has been prominent since centuries at a stretch. The animal is possibly fictitious and definitively elusive. It is known by many names – Yayali, Skunk Ape, Yowie, Sasquatch and BigFoot. All through North America, people have claimed to have sighted the Bigfoot at one time or the other.

The Bigfoot has been a part of Native American legends as well. The tales talk of a primitive creature that roams around across the continent’s forests. A closer analysis of these tales tells us that the animal resembles humans more closely at times. At other times, it resembles apes more closely.

In California, one can come across pictures drawn by Yokuts that are at least a century old. The pictures depict a family of giant creatures. They have long and shaggy hairs. The animals are called Mayak datat by the tribe. The vision is pretty much close to how we perceive Bigfoot.

There are certain tribes that are particularly fond of the Bigfoot. They have a wonderful relationship with the animal.

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